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Ficlet: Fate Had a Different Plan Than the One in Your Head

Author: on_the_ground
Title: Fate Had a Different Plan Than the One in Your Head
Rating: G
Pairing/s: Stiles/Jackson
Character/s: Stiles, Jackson, Derek (mentioned), Kyle (OCC, mentioned)
Summary: Stiles and Jackson need to take a decision about Kyle's future.
Content Notes: Fluff, nobody is dead, future fic.
Warnings: None
Submission Type: Ficlet
Word Count: 959 words
Prompt: #06: family, #08:memories, #09: silence, #34:breathless, #37: home, #83: future, #86: decision, #87: fate, #102: blame, #125: stay, #145: truth, #149: change, #162: shopping, #169: accident, #202: responsible, #206: problem, #224: brother, #229: difficult, #233: luck, #236: three, #246: feelings, #251: lost, #256: amnesty
Author's Notes: The remaining 592 words will be added on AO3. This will be part of my series "All I Saw Was You." Thanks so much to my lovely beta once again.

When Jackson gets home, Stiles is nowhere to be seen. Instead of calling his name, he listens for his heartbeat and heads there.

“Hey,” Jackson says as he enters the laundry room.

“Hi.” Stiles looks at him but keeps folding the t-shirt in his hands.

Jackson walks in until he’s standing behind his husband and wraps his arms around his waist, embracing him from behind. He kisses his neck and just inhales his scent without another word.

“I didn’t hear you arrive. You’re back early.”

Jackson had gone to Derek’s to watch some football game with Scott and Stiles hadn’t expected him to come back for at least another hour.

“Yeah, the game was boring as hell and Derek had shopping to do and shit because Kane is visiting his brother in the hospital like he’s been doing all week.”

“How’s he doing?”

Jackson lets go of Stiles and moves to the side.

“Last I heard he’s having surgery tomorrow, so it depends on how that goes. It seems like a pretty standard procedure. Derek said the doctors are very optimistic and they expect him to make a full recovery.”

“That’s good, then.”

“Yeah, it’s good.” Jackson nods and licks his lips. He stays silent for few seconds and Stiles looks at him but doesn’t say anything.

“Look. We need… we have to discuss something.”

“Discuss?” Stiles frowns. “What do we have discuss?” Stils grabs another t-shirt and continues the folding.

Jackson puts his hand on the t-shirt. “Can you stop that?”

“Okay. What’s going on?” Stiles raises his eyebrows.

“I know we haven’t talked about it for a while but Derek said something today, and he’s right, we need to make a decision about Kyle.”

Stiles turns to face Jackson completely, crossing his arms. “What did he say exactly?”

“He said that there’s this hetero couple in a New York pack who have been waiting to adopt a child for a couple of years and he knows they would adopt him right away.”

“Does he even know these people?”

“What do you think?” Jackson waves his right arm. “Of course he does. He’s known that pack for a long time. He totally trust them and thinks they would be a good fit for him. He thinks… you know… that they’d be a good family for him.”

“But why? Why is he doing this? Why did he suddenly decide to send him off to New York?”

“Hey, it’s not a sudden decision. As the alpha, he’s looking out for him. You know he cares about him like we do.”

“Not like we do.” Stiles shakes his head.

“What do you mean?” Jackson shrugs.

“What’s wrong with you? You love that kid. I know you do. Even our kids have a bond with him. They’d be devastated if we shipped him off to New York… especially Ilya. It would break his heart, and you know it. And shit, Derek fucking knows it too, so I don’t understand it. That man… sometimes I don’t understand how his mind works.”

“Stiles… he just… well, he thinks he should have legal parents. We said this was a temporary situation until we found him a permanent solution. You know, he can’t stay with foster parents forever and it’s been ten months.”

“Well, is it just me who doesn’t feel like his foster father anymore? Am I the only one who can’t imagine this house without him in it? I mean, why didn’t you tell him he’s part of our family now?”

“Stiles, it’s not that I don’t want him here. Of course, I do. But we don’t have his parental rights; we aren’t his legal parents, we are his foster parents and that’s the truth of the situation here. Social services might find him another home if Derek doesn’t find it first and that’s why he told us about this possibility. Because this kid is a wolf and he needs a pack, and you know it’s not that easy to find him a family in one who wants to adopt him… and also, the truth is that you’ve been avoiding the subject and I don’t even know why. So, Derek is not the one to blame here, okay? He’s just trying to do what is best for him.”

“You didn’t answer my question.” Stiles shakes his head and waves his right arm.

“What question?” Jackson frowns.

Stiles rolls his eyes dramatically because he’s not a fan of repeating stuff to his husband or anybody else for that matter. “I asked if it’s just me who doesn’t feel like his foster father? Shit. How do you feel, Jackson? Just be honest with me.”

Now you wanna talk about it. About my feelings?”

“Yeah. You need to tell me before he’s shipped him off to New York and we never see him again.”

“Yeah, because six weeks ago, I didn’t you ask about it and you said you couldn’t give me an answer. You said you weren’t sure. You said--”

“I know what I said. What I said was the truth. You wanted something I couldn’t give you… so you decided to tell Derek to find him a home somewhere else,” Stiles says, raising his voice.

“Calm down, okay? I didn’t tell him that. I told him to give us more time to decide… so he decided to just ask around. Only in case he needed another home… that’s all. And to answer your question, I… You know… I don’t want him to go. I agree. He’s part of this family now… but we never planned to have another kid and it was my idea to bring him here, so when you said that last month--”
Tags: *c:on_the_ground, c:jackson whittemore, c:stiles stilinski, p:jackson/stiles, pt 06:family, pt 08:memories, pt 09:silence, pt 102: blame, pt 125: stay, pt 145: truth, pt 149: change, pt 162: shopping, pt 169: accident, pt 202: responsible, pt 206: problem, pt 224: brother, pt 229: difficult, pt 233: luck, pt 236: three, pt 246: feelings, pt 251: lost, pt 256: amnesty, pt 34:breathless, pt 37:home, pt 83: future, pt 86: decision, pt 87: fate, rating:g, type:ficlet
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