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How It Works!

Weekly Schedule

Welcome to our How It Works! page.

  • Prompts/Challenges will be issued on Monday at 10 AM! You have all day Monday to sign up for that week. Sign ups will end on Tuesday at 10 AM Eastern/Standard Time.

  • Ficlets and/or artlets are due on Friday by 9 PM Eastern/Standard Time. This allows you four days to complete your ficlets or artlets.

    Note: If your ficlets or artlets is done before Friday, you can start posting as soon as the sign up for the prompt closes.

  • A masterpost will be posted on Saturday, and then on Monday, we will start all over again.

    Note: We would ask that you do not post your work anywhere else until the masterpost for the prompt in question has been posted.

Sound good? =D We sure hope so!

If you have any questions or concern feel free to ask the mods. We don't bite...well, unless you want us to. :D


Rules taken from camelot_drabble/sortinghatdrabs

Posting Header

Please use this exact header. Do not change the header at all, just fill in the missing information.

Writer’s Header Artist’s Header
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