December 30th, 2017



I want to thank everyone who has been a wonderful, loyal member of the Fullmoon Ficlet community. We've created some great work here, and I've seen wonderful stories grow and thrive because of this community. You are all amazing.

As I mentioned a while back, it's time for this community to close its doors. HOWEVER. That doesn't mean that Fullmoon Ficlet is GONE. All it means is that prompts will no longer be posted and collected HERE, on Livejournal (I'll catch up on the Masterlists, however, I swear).

Starting on Sunday, December 31st, Fullmoon Ficlet will be based on tumblr. Prompts will still post Sunday! You can post your ficlet/fic/art ANYWHERE! New rules on length! New way to collect information for the masterlist! AO3 collection will open at the START of the challenge!

It's a brand new, streamlined version of our challenge, and it's on Tumblr, where most of the TW fandom lives. Please join us there this Sunday for our first prompt of the new year, and please help us bring in new folks to create TW wonders on a weekly basis.

Follow the Tumblr for the new rules (posting soon) and for the prompts each week.

<3 to all of you.

ficlet: Featherlight

Author: froggydarren
Title: Featherlight
Rating: PG
Pairing/s: Derek/Stiles
Character/s: Stiles, Derek
Summary: It takes months before Stiles is comfortable with touching things, even longer before he doesn’t flinch away anytime his fingers touch people.
Warnings: possession memories, violence memories
Content Notes: post-Nogitsune Stiles, memories of hurting people, dealing with the aftermath
Submission Type: ficlet
Word Count: 886
Prompt: #256 - amnesty & #89 - touch starved
Author's Notes: I've had this as a plot bunny for a long time, inspired by gifs of Stiles's fingers touching things. And well, this happened.

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