December 16th, 2017


ficlet: In a Hole

Author: froggydarren
Title: In a Hole
Rating: PG-13
Pairing/s: Derek/Stiles
Character/s: Derek, Stiles, Scott
Summary: The walls of the dug out hole are still too high to climb, and the mud is still too wet to grab onto, even for a werewolf. Stiles would stand no chance, not when he knows that Derek — who is obviously the one stuck with him, because of course — couldn’t climb up.
Warnings: n/a
Content Notes: established relationship
Submission Type: ficlet
Word Count: 841
Prompt: #254 - paddle
Author's Notes: So, my brain latched on to paddle in the "up sh*t creek without a paddle" and refused to let go. Thus, this. Unbetaed and late, as usual.

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