December 12th, 2017


Reminder Prompt #254: Paddle

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Ficlet: Not So Different

Author: on_the_ground
Title: Not So Different
Rating: G
Pairing/s: Stiles/Jackson
Character/s: Stiles, Jackson, Adam Carter (Jackson's boss & friend)
Summary: After Stiles leaves, Adam gives Jackson some advice.
Content Notes: AU, Fluff, nobody is dead, future fic, crossover
Warnings: None
Submission Type: Ficlet
Word Count: 1000 words
Prompt: #254 - Paddle
Author's Notes: The remaining 199 words will be added on AO3. Adam Carter is one of my favorite characters and he belongs to the British series "Spooks". This will be part 5 of my series "What If It's You?" which is the ending unless I decided to continue at some point. Thanks so much to my lovely beta once again.

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