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hear ye' hear ye' : New Rules

Hello everyone,
Based on the poll, discussions on the post, and those of you who contacted me privately, we've decided to amend the rules in a way that I think will make everyone happy. It is useful to know how our members view FULLMOONFICLET and it's clear there are two main viewpoints; those who like the challenge of only having 1000 words to write a complete story and then those who are after the inspiration to simply write without boundaries.

Going forward we are going to have TWO (2) 'streams' for fanfic. And they are:

FICLET: will be the traditional 200-1000 word length that the comm has previously had.
FIC: is the new stream for which fanfic must be longer than 1700 words but has no maximum.

This new rule change will provide everyone with the challenge of fic writing, as it will not be easy to stay under 1000 or hit the 1700 minimum. This will allow the original nature of the community to thrive as well as expand to encourage more diversity in fanworks.

  • you MUST stay within the word length limits. The added category will allow you to expand your fic if you are so inspired, but no works within the 1005-1699* word range will be accepted. You must edit some words in or out to meet the categories. This rule will be enforced. :)

  • the submission header has changed to include a line about the type of fanwork being submitted, so please update the form on your computers if you've saved it privately.

  • there are now TWO tags for fanfic: type: ficlet and type: fic. Please use them accordingly when posting

    Point of Clarification: you will not need to declare which stream you will be doing when signing up for a prompt. You'll do that when you post.

    *yes, we will allow for a 5-word wiggle room in either direction for the ficlet option. There are only so many contractions in the english language. No such wiggle room for the fic option.

    Other than that, everything will stay exactly the same. All mod pages/profile have been changed to reflect this new change. I hope this new rule change will be acceptable for everyone and that it'll encourage everyone in whatever direction their writing inspirations take them.

    If there are any questions, feel free to ask in the comments or PM me directly.
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