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Welcome to out Frequently Asked Questions page!

  • What is Full Moon Ficlet?
    • Full Moon Ficlet is a weekly fic/art challenge community based on MTV's Teen Wolf series. This community was created to have fun, to challenge yourself, to let loose, and write/draw. This could be for old time writers to write and have fun in between writing for fest, or for beginners to ease into writing. A community to share both your stories and art--yes art! While the community is called "Full Moon Ficlet", we also want artists!

  • What is a ficlet?
    • For this community, a ficlet is a short piece of fiction with a minimum of 200 words and a maximum of 1,000. You're allowed to be off give or take a few words, but please try to remain within these guidelines.

  • What is a fic?
    • For this community, a fic is a piece of fiction with a minimum of 1700 words and no maximum. You must meet the 1700 word minimum for a fic to be eligible.

  • What types of art are accepted?
    • All forms of art (e.g., traditional, digital, photo-manipulation) will be accepted for this community.

  • What is a prompt?
    • A prompt is a word, phrase, idea, picture that can inspire one's creative process.

  • How are weekly prompts selected?
    • We have a list of prompts that are numbered which includes pictures, art, phrases, songs, words, videos, etc. Every Monday we will use a this number generator to select the weeks prompt.

  • What is Donate-A-Prompt?
    • Have you ever felt the need to help out a fellow writer/artist? Do you just have a lot of ideas building up and no time to write? This is why we have the Donate-A-Prompt!

      Everyone can donate something, either a picture, phrase, video, song, art, etc. Soon, we will have participants choose from your donation to write/draw based on your submission. We called it “adopt-a-prompt”.

      For more information please check Donate-A-Prompt.

  • Is there a limit to how many prompts I can donate?
    • No! Go donate as much as you want.

  • What is and isn't allowed?
    • All characters, ratings, pairings, and genre are allowed. RPF is also welcome. However, please warn if your work (to the best of your ability) contains possibly triggering elements, such as noncon, dubcon, abuse, violence, incest, underage sex, character death, etc.

  • How do I sign up?
    • Sign up for prompts are every Monday at 10 am EST. To sign up, just comment on the post with that week's prompt.

  • When do sign ups close?
    • Sign up for the week's prompt closes on Tuesday at 10 am EST.

  • Is there a different sign-up form for artists?
    • No. To sign up, writers and artists just have to comment on the prompt post. We'll add each participant to the list as they comment.

      However, the writers and artists have different posting headers, which you can find here.

  • What is the purpose/reason for having sign-ups in this kind of community?
    • To keep everything organize as much as we can, hence the sign up for each prompt.

  • I missed the deadline to sign-up, can I still participate in the week's prompt?
    • If for some reason you miss the sign-up post, you can contact a mod and ask to be added to the list. However, the same rules apply; you will not be given an extension, and you must post your work by 9PM Eastern/Standard Time on Fridays.

  • What if a previous prompt gives some you inspiration after it's been done and dusted? Are you still allowed to post a piece for that prompt?
    • No, once a prompt round is over, no more sign ups are allowed for that prompt. However, in the future, we might hold an Amnesty Round, where previous prompts will be allowed to used again.

  • When is the fic/art due?
    • Your fic/art is due Friday by 9 PM EST. This allows three days to post your work.

      Note: If your fic/art is done before Friday, you can start posting as soon as the sign up for the prompt closes.

  • What are the rules for posting?
    • All entries must have a title in the "Subject" line, because this makes it easier for when the mods make the masterlist. They must also use the correct posting format, with a filled in header, warnings listed if applicable, and the work in question under a lj-cut. Finally, each entry must be tagged properly.

  • What is the tagging system for? Which ones should I use?
    • As this community has an open membership all must label their entries correctly. There may be younger members, and any and all drabbles containing explicit adult content must have a NC-17 rating, this is a must! The tagging system also helps to keep things organized and allows users to search for work based on certain parameters.

      The following is a list of tags you should familiarize yourself with:
      • *c:[USERNAME] or *c:notag Contributor tag. Once you make five posts, you get a personalized contributor tag to make it easier to search for your previous works. If you do not have a contributor tag just yet, please use *c:notag.

      • c:[CHARACTER NAME] Character tag. If your work features a character not involved in a pairing, feel free to tag them with this tag. Ex. c:scott mccall, c:kate argent

      • p:[NAME/NAME] Pairing tag. Use if your work contains a certain pairing.Ex. p:isaac/scott, p:derek/stiles

      • pt[NUMBERHERE]:[PROMPTNAME] Prompt tag. Tag for which prompt your work corresponds to.

      • rating:[RATING HERE] Rating tag. Pretty self-explanatory.

      • t:[TYPE OF WORK HERE] Type tag. Label work as fic, ficlet or art.

  • What if I create a work for a character/pairing that doesn't have a tag?
    • Either ask in your author's note for a tag or leave a comment at Contact-A-Mod asking for one.

  • Can we only post one piece per prompt, or can we post more than one? And if so, should it be separate entries, or the same one?
    • Yes, you can post more than one piece per prompt. This is for the writers/artists to get inspired and we don’t want to diminish that. We're assuming the fic/art will have different titles, so please use separate entries.

  • What's the policy on posting fic and art together in one post if they are related?
    • As of now, they can be posted separate or together, whichever is easier for you. In the master list the drawing would be would be under art with an "companion to" link to the ficlet. And vice versa with the ficlet.

  • When can I post my fic/art other places?
    • As soon as the master post is posted on Saturdays at 1 PM Eastern/Standard Time.

  • Will there be a collection on AO3 where I can add my work?
    • Yes! vampthenewblack is the moderator of our AO3, which is located here.

      Any questions regarding to A03 should be directed to her through PM or our Contact-A-Mod post.

  • How do I post my submission to the collection?
    • If you've never posted to a collection before, AO3 provides this handy tutorial that explains the mechanics. As to posting to this specific collection, you wouldn't post to the main collection, but the sub-collection depending what prompt your work used. For example, if your submission is based on Prompt #01, there's two ways you could submit it:
      • Go to the FULL MOON FICLET -- Prompt #01 subcollection and hit the "Post To Collection" button

      • OR

      • When filling or editing a work, under "Associations", you'll see a line called "Post to Collections / Challenges", and you can post the keyword to subcollection in question there. In this case, you would put "FMF_01"

      Each subsequent sub-collection will follow this format (FMF_## or FMF_### for later prompts), and their keywords will respectively be, "FMF_02", "FMF_03", "FMF_100", etc.

  • I've submitted my work, when will it show up in the collection?
    • Submissions are moderated to make sure the pieces are being submitted after the master list is posted on Saturday on the community. Once the list for the prompt in question is posted, please give us some time to accept your entry afterwards.

  • What if I want to submit my ficlets into one story as different chapters, how do I add each chapter to a different collection?
    • Say you have something where one chapter is based on "Prompt#01", and another chapter is based on "Prompt#02:". Then, under "Associations" then "Post to Collections / Challenges", you would put, "FMF_01, FMF_02," and they should automatically link to each collection.

      Then, if you could under each chapter summary, put what prompt that particular chapter is written for ("This was written for FULL MOON FICLET--Prompt#1" or something like that) so people know which chapter has the prompt they're interested in reading.

  • I'm not a member of AO3, how can I get an account to post there?
    • All accounts need an activation code in order to be created; the AO3 Archive FAQ explains how to receive an invitation here. Or, you can ask for an invite at our Contact-A-Mod page.

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